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ATVing on Local Trails Around Dryden

Mud, streams, swamps, old logging roads, deep bush game trails; Discover the rugged terrain of Northern Ontario on an ATV off-road adventure. Feel the exhilaration of driving along an unbeaten path. Northern Ontario has thousands of miles of trails and unlimited destinations to challenge and inspire you. Eagle Lake and the Dryden area have hundreds of miles of old logging roads, animal paths and 26,000 miles of snowmobile trails that are used as ATV trails in the summer. The trails and roads can be quite complex so knowing how to read a compass or bringing along a GPS is important and will also help you maximize the enjoyment of your ATVing vacation. In Ontario, you need a driver's license, helmet and insurance to drive an ATV.

ATVs are the guests responsibility and not provided by the lodge. You are welcome to bring your ATV for hunting, accessing remote fishing lakes or trail riding purposes.


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