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Eagle Lake Muskie Fishing:

Northwestern Ontario is the top Muskie Fishing destination in the world. People come from all over North America to battle these monsters. Of all the fantastic Muskie lakes in Ontario, Eagle Lake is considered to be one of the best. There have been 3 Muskies caught in Ontario that have been officially documented to be over 60 pounds and 2 of those Muskie were caught in Eagle Lake.

Eagle Lake is 68,000 acres in size and has over 400 miles of shoreline. The structure of the lake has produced high populations of Walleye, Pike, Smallmouth Bass and in some parts of the lake, Lake Trout. These species combined with open-water schools of Lake Herring and Shad has given the Muskie in Eagle Lake an endless banquette of food. The structure of the lake along with feeder streams has given Muskie perfect spawning grounds and as a result they have proliferated in great numbers. What does this mean to our guests? It means a fantastic and adventure filled fishing vacation.

Muskie are common in the 22 to 42-inch range. Muskie between 42 inches and 48 inches are not as common but they do get caught more times than one would expect. On occasion, guests do catch Muskie over 50 inches with some in the last few years exceeding 53 inches. These fish are rare but a few guests do join the 50-inch club every year.

The number of Muskie you catch throughout the week depends on knowledge of the lake, Muskie fishing experience and persistence. If you specifically fish for Muskie you should catch 3 or 4 per boat on an average day. Muskie like consistent weather so if the weather is going through a transition period, the Muskie may slow down or stop hitting all together. Then there are some days when they are hitting like crazy and even people fishing for Walleye or bass catch them. They say Muskie is a fish of 10,000 casts. That statement might be true somewhere else but not on Eagle Lake.

Eagle Lake is one of the first lakes in Ontario to implement the "under 54 inch" catch-&-release rule. This means virtually every Muskie caught in the last 15 years has been released. This could explain why our customers experience such a fantastic success rate. The increase in the Muskie population over the years combined with the average size has government biologist claiming that the next world record Muskie may be caught in Eagle Lake.

Muskie Fishing Eagle Lake Ontario

Muskie Fishing Eagle Lake Ontario

  • Muskie Photo Gallery
  • Muskie Fishing Tips
  • Map of Eagle Lake

    Eagle Lake Muskie Regulations:

  • Open Season: 3rd Saturday in June to Dec. 15
  • Limit - Sport License: 1 in your possession
  • Limit - Conservation License: Zero in your possession
  • Special Size Restrictions: Muskie must be 58 inches or greater as Eagle Lake is designated a top trophy Muskie lake. We want all our Muskie released.
  • Muskie Fishing Eagle Lake OntarioMuskie Fishing Eagle Lake OntarioMuskie Fishing Eagle Lake Ontario

    Muskie Fishing Eagle Lake Ontario

  • Muskie Fishing Eagle Lake Ontario
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