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Eagle Lake Walleye Fishing:

Eagle Lake was made for Walleye fishing. The lake is 68,000 acres in size and has over 400 miles of shoreline. You can see from the map of Eagle Lake that the lake is a labyrinth of bays, rocky points, shoals and over 100 islands. Fin & Feather Resort is located close to the middle of the lake so you have access to thousands of hotspots for Walleye.

Eagle Lake is famous for big trophy Walleyes but what really makes it a fun lake to fish is the high population of Walleyes in every size. Walleyes are most common in the 1 to 3-pound range, which are the best for eating. Guests will also catch a considerable number of 4 and 5-pounders throughout a week of serious Walleyes fishing. During an average week the odd guests will catch a few bigger Walleyes in the 6 to 8-pound range. Being a bigger lake with a dense forage-base of baitfish, Eagle Lake does on occasion produce world-class Walleyes with a couple in the last few years that have reached 14-pounds. Some of the biggest Walleyes in Ontario have come out of Eagle Lake. A monster trophy Walleye like that is very rare because unusually large Walleyes stay hidden in the depths of the lake and when you are only visiting for a week, it's hard to sacrifice numbers to go for the big ones.

The amount of Walleyes you can expect on an average day depends on how long and how hard you fish and how much experience you have with Walleyes. Guests can usually expect to catch 20 to 30 walleyes in a day. Like all fish, Walleyes are affected by weather and atmospheric pressure so one day they might not be feeding at all and the next day you pull in 40 to 60 Walleyes. Guests who are new to the lake and new to Walleyes fishing can not expect these numbers, which is why we have a guiding service. If you are new to the lake or new to Walleye fishing, it is advantageous to hire one of our guides at the beginning of your stay to show you where the hotspots are and what they are hitting. We want our guests to catch tons of fish.

Walleye Fishing Eagle Lake Ontario
Walleye Fishing Eagle Lake Ontario
Due to conservation efforts, the Walleye fishing is considerably better then it was ten years ago. You are not allowed to keep any Walleye between 18 and 23-inches and only one bigger than 23 inches. Most fisherpersons don't keep Walleyes bigger than 23 inches because they are not as tasty as the smaller ones. As a result, the big females are always being let go, which has let the Walleye population rebound in such a way that you think you are fishing on a lake that's never been fished before. Eagle Lake is truly a Walleye fisherperson's dream come true.

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  • Map of Eagle Lake

    Eagle Lake Walleye Regulations:

  • Open Season: Jan. 1 to April 14 & 3rd Saturday in May to Dec. 31
  • Limit - Sport License: 4 in your possession
  • Limit - Conservation License: 2 in your possession
  • Size Restrictions: No Walleye between 18" & 23". Only one greater than 23 inches
  • Walleye Fishing Eagle Lake OntarioWalleye Fishing Eagle Lake OntarioWalleye Fishing Eagle Lake Ontario

    Walleye Fishing Eagle Lake Ontario

    Walleye Fishing Eagle Lake Ontario
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