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Eagle River / Dryden Area Whitetail Deer Hunting

Drawing lines on a map and connecting Dryden to Ignace to Kenora and then back to Dryden again, you have just drawn what has been called the Whitetail Triangle by Whitetail Deer hunting magazines. This area has been producing some of the most impressive Whitetail Deer Bucks in North America.

Thick dense forest mixed with open grasslands, availability of streams and lakes as well as healthy food has allowed the Whitetail Deer in the area to genetically evolve into Bucks with huge racks and thick muscular bodies. Not only are our bucks big, there are lots of them. Throughout the summer our fishing guests see small groups of bucks on the shoreline or swimming across the lake. They are astounded with how big their pre-shed antlers are.

Our guides know the area very well but for insurance, they still scout-out the area weeks before the season opens. This has enabled us to give our deer hunting guests first day guiding and show them where the really impressive bucks are located or the paths that they are moving on.

Once you have your trophy Buck, we assist in retrieval and prepare the meat for your trip home. This is an exciting opportunity to experience the beauty of Northwestern Ontario and harvest a Trophy Whitetail Deer that's in your dreams

Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting Dryden

  • Hunting Photos:
  • What To Bring Hunting:

    Some Famous Local Bucks
    (Not harvested at Fin & Feather)

    Dryden Buck

    Kenora Buck

    Sioux Narrows Buck

    Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting Dryden

    Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting Dryden

  • Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting Dryden
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